Cogent with Aloha

Annual Concert with Fancy Dress Competition CIPAC Speech Competition CIPAC Elocution Teacher Training Centre Award Ceremony on 6th August 2022 at YMCA Marine Drive Dehiwala (opposite the Gihans Hotel)

Fancy Dress Competition & Speech Competition

Cogent Sri Lanka never gives only studies. It has excellent extra curriculum activities too. Fancy dress and speech competitions are one of them. Come, Let’s have fun and win the world. This is the correct time to shine your bunny kids’ stars. This is not only a competition. This is an adventurous opportunity to make […]

Best Toys for Preschoolers

Teaching Baby Colors and Counting in a Fun and Educational Half Hour We’ve put together a half-hour preschool learning movie with several of our greatest teaching films for babies in this educational toy video intended to help newborns learn colours and numbers. Children learn through play, so let’s play while we study with toys like […]